Change One Life, Change the Future


The future beckon us forth with its  potential magic and miracles.   And I donít know about you but  Iíve been shocked at the number of deaths of too many young people in our society, and the wasted lives lost in prison of those who killed them - the shootings of those young teenagers in Peckham, London, the murders of young Kiyam Prince, Alex Walker, Stephen Lawrence, Damilola Taylor, and Jonathon Ap Rhys Price - with their wonderfully promising futures snuffed out so horrifically, the dreadful murders of those 5 pretty young girls in Ipswich Suffolk working in the shadowlands of prostitution.  It truly is time for a change in our society.  Let's dare to dream a bigger dream that will benefit this world of ours. Thereís too much lost potential. 


No-one aspires to be a prostitute, a drug addict, a mugger, a murderer.  Somewhere on their yellow brick road through life they made some bad choices, came to a turning point, and found themselves on a woe road on which they just couldnít quite see the exit route to get them back home to themselves. 


We can all sit back and say that it has nothing to do with us.  But it has.  We all live in the same world, and our children and grandchildren walk in the same streets.  Our communities have plenty of disenfranchised, disengaged young people that we can re-engage with integrity, warmth and genuineness.  And our children and grandchildren will live with the consequences of that or the alternative.  Some of these young people Ė and Iíve worked with quite a few Ė have had difficult lives.  And yet I see their potential and I know you do too.  We have the skills, the know-how, and the potential to make the biggest difference.  And the time is just right to do that now.  Margaret Mead (who was married to Gregory Bateson the man that helped birth NLP by connecting Dr Richard Bandler with Milton Erickson) said ĎNever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever hasí. 


Change one life, change the future.  We can all do something to help.  I've just bought the websites and  and Iím hoping to set up an international charity World Change Agents, which will bring people with heart, soul, and a sense of humour to engage with young people in our communities.  Psychologists talk of Ď6 Degrees of Separationí so just imagine each of us in a worldwide soul network connecting with young people who are just on the cusp of taking the low road instead of the high road of potentiality.  What a world of difference we can create.  And just think of the echoes and ripples that can cascade not only across our communities but onwards into future generations.


Mission Possible!   We are Agents of Change and can mentor and coach young people.  And Iím planning on having at least one spare chair in my trainings for a young person I believe can be a powerful change agent - will you too have one spare chair and invite in a young one?  If not now, when?  If not you, who?

 It takes just one person to be a change agent and break a bad pattern.  It takes just one person.  Is that one person you?


The wonderful Mat Rose has kindly gifted us for free our wonderful world change agents logo, and an Identity Confirmed template for you when you sign up as an Agent of Change.  You will have your own unique ID number, and you will be given a Secret Mission that you generate for yourself and let us have.  And, at the end of the year, we will ask you for your Mission Complete report.  The website can host photos, short bios and links to Agentsí websites. 


My hope is that much of the administration of the charity can be done by young people themselves who can be put on a rolling programme of short-term training contracts to learn business skills which will provide them with a good reference and set of skills to feed forward into further employment opportunities on their sunshine bright road to the future.   


And in the meantime we need the following - please do help us:-


A young woman called Tracey Waterer kindly sent this to me and I share it here with you:


You are a Star!

A star is a person

With a light so bright

They light up the way to home

When we have lost our way


Change one life, change the future!  Just imagine all those ripples and echoes Ö.  May The Force be with you Ė hereís to magic and miracles in 2008 and beyond! 


Kath Temple is an MSc Business Psychologist, Trainer, Coaching Psychologist,  NLP  and EFT Trainer, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master and Reiki Master based in Suffolk, England.  You can contact Kath  at or call her on 01502 562162. 


Our thanks to the wonderful John LaValle, President of The Society of NLP - and our Agent 007 - for his continued encouragement and support